Alerts are sent as SNMP traps. Currently traps are sent for the following events

1. Storage space in a pool fall below the configured threshold for a VDisk

2. A VDisk may have failed, and fencing has succeed or has failed (Synchronous Mirroring)

3. A controller node has failed and the Master node fails to takeover or vice versa (Shared storage HA)

On the QUADStor system the net-snmp-utils package needs to be installed. Traps are sent using the snmptrap command provided by the net-snmp-utils package.

On RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x
yum install net-snmp-utils

On SLES 11 SP1/2
zypper install net-snmp

On FreeBSD 8.x and 9.0
pkg_add -r net-snmp-utils

On Debian Squeeze 6.x
apt-get install snmp

The corresponding SNMP MIB can be downloaded from the "Downloads" page

Trap destination can be specified by adding the following line to /quadstor/etc/quadstor.conf

TrapAddr=<destination address>

Where destination address is the address of the SNMP Trap receiver. This can also be a host name if it can be resolved to a valid address

For example