<p>If using the Fiber Channel interface after every install/upgrade reboot the system. This ensure that the new qla2xxx driver is loaded.</p>
<p>Check that quadstor-core and quadstor-itf packages installed are the same version. Mismatch in version can lead to configuration issues, system crashes etc.</p>
<p>In a clustered environment check that the quadstor-client and quadstor-itf packages are the same version and also match the quadstor-core and quadstor-itf package version on the controller node.</p>
<p>On a kernel upgrade, reboot the system and then run /quadstor/bin/builditf again</p>
<p>If the system is running other iSCSI target software ensure that those services are stopped first.</p>
<p>On Linux if the system had IET's iscsi-target service running, stopping the service may not remove the iscsi_trgt kernel module. In such a case remove the iscsi_trgt manually by /sbin/rmmod iscsi_trgt</p>
<p>If using clustering ensure that ports 9950 9951 9952 9954 9956 are open for TCP between the controller and client nodes</p>
<p>If using mirroring (including synchronous mirroring) ensure that ports 9953 and 9955 are open for TCP between the two mirorring nodes</p>
<h2>Common Problems</h2>
<p>1. When accessing the HTML UI any of the following messages are displayed<br />"ERROR: Unable to retrieve license key information"<br />"ERROR: Getting configured storage list failed"<br />"ERROR: Getting pool list failed"<br />"ERROR: Getting VDisk list failed"</p>
<p>The above errors indicate that the mdaemon server isn't running. This indicates that the quadstor service did not start or failed to start. Try starting the quadstor service manually.</p>
<p>2. Starting the quadstor service fails with the error message "Cannot start database"</p>
<p>The above error can occur to due a failed upgrade or due to a previous system crash. If due to a previous system crash then restarting the quadstor service will fix this problem. If due to a failed upgrade, reboot the system and then retry the upgrade</p>
<p>3. On Linux starting the quadstor service fails with the error message "Failed to insert core module"<br /><br />The above error can occur if /quadstor/bin/builditf was not run or failed to complete successfully. Running /quadstor/bin/builditf might fix this problem. Recent versions of the software automatically run this command during install. Note that upgrading the kernel might not have created the necessary links for building external modules. Reboot the system first before running builditf</p>
<p>4. On Linux starting the quadstor service fails with the error message "iscsi_trgt kernel module conflicts with QUADStor. Exiting..."<br />Stop the IET iscsi-target service and manually remove iscsi_trgt kernel module</p>
<h2>What to do next</h2>
<p>If the problem persists then contact support with the following information</p>
<p>1. Run diagnostics from the "System" Page and send the tar file to support</p>
<p>2. If the problem is on a client node send the /var/log/messages from the client node and the diagnostics from the controller node</p>