In order to automount a filesystem created on a VDisk during system startup do the following

1. Create the filesystem on the VDisk

2. On FreeBSD add the filesystem entry to /quadstor/etc/fstab.custom and on Linux add the filesystem entry to /etc/fstab
The format is the same as any entry in /etc/fstab.

3. The entries will have to be specifed for /dev/quadstor/<VDisk Name>

For example on FreeBSD:
/dev/quadstor/VDisk1 /mnt1/ ufs rw 0 0
And on Linux:
/dev/quadstor/VDisk1 /mnt1/ ext4 defaults,nofail,noauto 0 0

QUADStor init scripts are modified to startup before autofs and nfs. On startup the QUADStor daemon checks if an entry exists in the fstab files for a VDisk. If there is an entry an attempt is made to mount the filesystem.

On shutdown the QUADStor daemon executes the following command
umount /dev/quadstor/<VDisk Name>

If a mounted filesystem exists for the VDisk device it would be unmounted