Storage pool configuration

Listing configured pools

/quadstor/bin/spconfig -l

Adding a Pool

/quadstor/bin/spconfig -a -g <pool name> -d (enable dedupe metadata)  -o (enable log data)

For example

/quadstor/bin/spconfig -a -g FOO -d will create a pool named FOO which 
maintains its own dedupe metadata, but depends on the Default pool for
log data

Deleting a Pool

/quadstor/bin/spconfig -x -g <pool name>

Disk Configuration

Listing all disks

/quadstor/bin/bdconfig -l

Listing all configured disks

/quadstor/bin/bdconfig -l -c

Listing all disks excluding configured disks

/quadstor/bin/bdconfig -l -e

Adding a disk

/quadstor/bin/bdconfig -a -d <devicepath> -p (enable compression)  -o (log disk) -h (ha disk)
Where <devicepath> is the value listed under the "Name" column in the
output of a bdconfig -l -p -o or -h are optional if passed will
enable compression, configure the disk as a log disk and
configure the disk as a ha disk respectively.

For example

/quadstor/bin/bdconfig -a -d /dev/sda -p adds /dev/sda with 
compression enabled

Deleting a disk

/quadstor/bin/bdconfig -x -d <devicepath>

VDisk configuration

Listing all configured VDisks

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -l

Adding a VDisk

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -a -v <vdisk name> -s <size in GB> -g <pool name> 
-e (512 byte emulation)

For example:

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -a -v FOO -s 100 -g BAR-e creates a VDisk named FOO
in storage pool BAR with 512e enabled. The size of the VDisk is 100GB
/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -a v FOO -s 100 will create a VDisk name FOO
in the default pool with 4K sector size

Deleting a VDisk

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -x -v <vdisk name> -f (force)

If -f isn't specified then a prompt appears whether to really delete the VDisk. Enter y to delete and n to skip the deletion

Modifying a VDisk Serial Number

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -v <VDisk name> -n <serial number>

Where serial number is of 32 characters starting with 6e. Serial number can only contain 0 - 9 and/or a - f

For example to change the serial number of a VDisk named FOO

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -v FOO -n 6eeda77059f0206c3b08ccec86502e7c

To let the system generate a new serial number

/quadstor/bin/vdconfig -v FOO -n gen


Listing configured mirrors and status

/quadstor/bin/qsync -l

Configuring mirroring for a VDisk

/quadstor/bin/qsync -s <source vdisk name> -d <destination vdisk name> -r <destination ip address> -g <destination storage pool>
If destination storage pool isn't specified, the storage pool name of the source vdisk is used
For example
/quadstor/bin/qsync -s FOO -d FOO -r
The above command will setup mirrroing for source VDisk FOO to destination VDisk FOO on If the destination VDisk does not exist it will be created with the same properties as the source.

Deleting a mirroring for a VDisk

/quadstor/bin/qsync -x -s <source vdisk name>