The following are the minimum system requirements

  • Multicore/MultiCPU Intel/AMD Processor system
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB for NAS)
  • RHEL/Centos 6/7, SLES 12 SP3 or Debian squeeze 7/8 for x86_64/AMD64 architecture
  • QLogic 24xx/25xx HBA for Fiber Channel connectivity
  • 1/10 Gb Ethernet ports for iSCSI connectivity
  • Apache httpd software package

While system memory need to start with at least 4GB, ideal system memory requirements vary based on the following factors

  • The number and size of physical disks configured to store VDisk data
  • The number of VDisks (Virtual LUN(s)) that will be created
  • The total size of unique data expected to be stored in the system

While its impossible to predict the above factors, the more the memory available the better the deduplication ratio and performance. While memory can be later added to the system, it should be noted that for fine tuned performance ensure that the memory available when configuring storage is closer to the upper bound rather than the lower bound.

The recommendation is to add an additional 2 GB of memory for every 1 TB of storage configured or every 4 VDisks created or for every 2 physical disks configured.

Additionally if the NAS interface is used, then memory needs to be shared between QUADStor and file-systems. Since the software expects to use most of the available memory, in order to use the NAS Interface the system memory should be atleast 8GB. QUADStor assumes ownership of about 80% of the total memory.