Commonly used command line options are listed below. Executing a command without any parameters lists the full usage of for the command.

Storage pool configuration

List configured pools

/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfig -l
/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfig --list

Add a pool

/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfig -a -g <pool name> -d (enable deduplication) -u (enable dedupe metadata)

For example

/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfig -a -g Pool1 -d 
/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfig --add --pool=<pool name> --enable-dedupe

The above command will create a pool named 'Pool1' with deduplication enabled for data in the pool. The deduplication tables for this pool are maintained in the Default pool

Other options are 
--enable-dedupe-metadata : Pool maintains its own deduplication tables. Its recommended that the Default pool maintain the deduplication tables 
--enable-verify : Enable byte-per-byte verification of possible duplicate data. 
--worm=1 : Enable WORM for vcartridges created in the pool 
--worm=0 : Diable WORM for vcartridges created in the pool (Default) 
--auto-replicate=1 : Enable automatic replication of unmounted or ejected vcartridges 
--auto-replicate=0 : Disable automatic replication of unmcounted or ejected vcartridges (Default) 
--auto-export=1 : Enable automatic export to physical tape for ejected vcartridges 
--auto-export=0 : Disable automatic export to physical tape for ejected vcartridges (Default)

Delete a pool

/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfig -x -g <pool name>
/quadstorvtl/bin/spconfing --delete --pool=<pool name>

Physical storage configuration

List all disks

/quadstorvtl/bin/bdconfig -l

Listing all configured disks

/quadstorvtl/bin/bdconfig -l -c

Listing all disks excluding configured disks

/quadstorvtl/bin/bdconfig -l -e

Add a disk

/quadstorvtl/bin/bdconfig -a -d <devicepath> -g <pool name>
Where <devicepath> is the value listed under the "Name" column in the output of a bdconfig -l 

For example

/quadstorvtl/bin/bdconfig -a -d /dev/sda adds /dev/sda to the Default pool

Remove a configured disk

/quadstorvtl/bin/bdconfig -x -d <devicepath>

Device Defintions

List Changer Definitions

/quadstorvtl/bin/devicedef -l -c

Add a Changer Definition

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -a -c -n <definition name> -V <vendor string> -P <product string> -R <revision string> -S <serial len> -Q <inquiry len> -D <Drive Start Address> -T <Slot Start Address> -I <IE Start Address> -A <avoltag 0 or 1>

Delete a Changer Definition

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -x -c -n <definition name>

List Drive Defintions

/quadstorvtl/bin/devicedef -l -d

Add a Drive Definition

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -a -d -n <definition name> -V <vendor string> -P <product string> -R <revision string> -M <media type> -S <serial len> -Q <inquiry len>

Media type value can be determined by the command

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig -h

Delete a Drive Definition

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -x -d -n <definition name>

Strings with a space need to be enclosed in double quotes.

Adding a VTL

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -a -v <vtl name> -t <type> -s <number of slots> -i <number of ie ports> -d <drive type> -c <drive count> -d <drive type> -e <drive start address> -f <slot start address>

In the above command type and drive type will be the library and drive type codes. Slot count is optional and if slot count is zero or not specified, the system will calculate the number of slots based on the drive type and the available space in the storage pool. The default drive start address of 1 and slot start address of 2 will be used if these values are not specified.

Deleting a VTL

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig –x –v <vtl name>

Enabling deduplication

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -m -v <vtl name> -e 1

Disabling deduplication

/quadstorvtl/bin/vtconfig -m -v <vtl name> -e 0

Vcartridge Configuration

Vcartridge emulation type codes

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig –h
Type Description
03      DLT IV 40GB                         
04      VSTape 80GB                         
05      SuperDLT I 110GB                    
06      SuperDLT I 160GB                    
07      SuperDLT II 320GB                   
08      LTO 1 100GB                         
09      LTO 2 200GB                         
10      LTO 3 400GB                         
11      LTO 4 800GB                         
12      LTO 5 1500GB                        
13      LTO 6 2500GB                        
14      LTO 7 6000GB                        
15      T9840A 20GB                         
16      T9840B 20GB                         
17      T9840C 40GB                         
18      T9840D 75GB                         
19      T9940A 60GB                         
20      T9940B 200GB                        
21      T10000A 500GB                       
22      T10000A 1000GB                      
23      T10000C 5000GB                      
24      T10000D 8500GB                                          
26      LTO 8 12000GB   

Adding a vcartridge

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig -a -v <vtl name> -g <pool name> -p <label/prefix> -t <vcartridge type> -c <count>

Deleting a vcartridge

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig -x -v <vtl name> -p <label>

Enable WORM

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig -v <vtl name> -p <label> -w 1

Disable WORM

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig -v <vtl name> -p <label> -w 0

Unvault a vcartridge

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig -v <vtl name> -p <label> -p  -u
/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig --vtl=<vtl name> --label=<label> --unvault

Load (mount) a vcartridge

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig --vtl=<vtl name> --label=<label>  --driveid<vtl drive id> --loaddrive=1
Each VTL drive is assigned an ID starting from 1

Unload (unmount) a vcartridge

/quadstorvtl/bin/vcconfig --vtl=<vtl name> --label=<label>  --driveid<vtl drive id> --loaddrive=0