• If the VTL devices are accessed over the Fiber Channel interface after an install or upgrade of the package, the system must be rebooted. This ensures that the latest FC driver is loaded
  • If the Linux kernel package is upgraded then the kernel-devel package must be upgraded too
  • If the system is running other iSCSI target or SCSI target software ensure that those services are stopped first

Common Problems

1. When accessing the HTML UI any of the following messages are displayed
"ERROR: Getting configured storage list failed"
"ERROR: Getting pool list failed"

The above errors indicate that the mdaemon server isn't running. This indicates that the quadstorvtl service did not start or failed to start.

Check for the VTL service status

service quadstorvtl status

If the status is "QUADStor VTL daemon is stopped", the VTL service failed to start. Try starting the VTL service manually by the following command

service quadstorvtl start

Starting the quadstorvtl service fails with the error message "Cannot start database"

The above error can occur to due a failed upgrade or due to a previous system crash or due to lack of free space in the filesystem where /quadstorvtl/ resided. If due to a previous system crash then restarting the quadstorvtl service will fix this problem. If due to a failed upgrade, reboot the system and then retry the upgrade

3. On Linux starting the quadstorvtl service fails with the error message "Failed to insert core module"

The above error can occur if /quadstorvtl/bin/builditf was not run or failed to complete successfully. Possible reason could be that there is a mismatch between the kernel-devel package (CentOS/RHEL/SuSE) or the linux-headers package (Debian) and the running kernel version. Upgrading the kernel and the kernel-devel/linux-headers pacakge followed by a reboot should fix this error. If the error persists please send /quadstorvtl/tmp/build.log to

4. On CentOS 8 if the service fails to start try with SELINUX permissive instead of enforcing in /etc/selinux/config. Restart the system after changing to SELINUX=permissive

What to do next

If the problem persists then contact support at