A vcartridge can be exported to and imported from a physical tape using the /quadstorvtl/bin/impexp command line utility The usage of /quadstorvtl/bin/impexp is as follows
/quadstorvtl/bin/impexp -v <VTL name> -p <vcartridge label> -i <LibID> -e <1|0> -g <storage pool>
Where: -e is the operation type. A value of 1 indicates and export to file and a value of 0 indicates an import from a file -v is the name of the VTL which contains the vcartridge -p is the vcartridge label -i specifies the ID assigned to the physical tape library (See Command Line configuration and management) -g specifies the pool name. When importing into vcartridges and if -n value is specified and if the vcartridge does not exist, the vcartridge is first created in the specified pool. This value is only applicable for import operations -c specifies whether compression is used when exporting files. A value of 0 indicates the data is stored uncompressed and a value of 1 indicates that data shall be compressed. The default value is 1 -n When importing vcartridges, if the vcartridge does not exist, the option specifies that the vcartridge be created first. The -g option needs to be specified with this option -x After a successful export operation, the exported vcartridge is deleted. NOTE: The impexp command does not support standalone tape drives.


/quadstorvtl/bin/impexp -v VTL1 -p VCART1 -g POOL1 -e 0 -n -i 1
In the above example -e 0 specifies an import operation VTL1 is the VTL which contains the vcartridge VCART1 VCART1 is the target vcartridge for the import operation. Since -n is specified the vcartridge is first created in storage pool POOL1 If it does not exist -i 1 specifies the library id assigned to the tape library (See Configuring Physical Libraries) The import operation will fail if the vcartridge is not blank
/quadstorvtl/bin/impexp -v VTL1 -p VCART1 -e 1 -i 1
The above example is an export operation and is similar to the previous one. For both the import and export operation a physical tape drive which is compatible with the volume type of the vcartridge needs to be available. The compatibility is checked for writing although for import operations read compatibility is sufficient. For example for a LTO4 vcartridge a tape drive capable of writing to a LTO4 physical tape needs to be available in the tape library

Importing into vcartridges (batch mode)

The autoimport is a helper script which can be used to automatically import from physical tapes into vcartridges. The usage of the script is as follows
autoimport <vtl name> <storage pool> <libid>