In order to work with QUADStor storage virtualization software the following are the steps

1. Ensure that the listed System Requirements are met

2. Follow the installation steps described in Installation on RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x, SLES 11SP1/SP2, Debian squeeze 6.0x for Linux and Installation on FreeBSD 8.2/9.0 for FreeBSD

3. Access the web management interface

4. (Optional) Configure storage pools as described in Configuring Storage Pools

5. Configure physical storage which will be used to store data corresponding to virtual disks. This is described in Configuring Physical Storage

6. Create and manage virtual disks as explained in Creating and Managing Virtual Disks (VDisks) and access the VDisks as explained in Accessing Virtual Disks (VDisks)

7. If you are having trouble check Troubleshooting common problems first

Additional documentation related to Cloning, Clustering, Mirroring, High Availability etc are available from Storage Virtualization Documentation